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Hi Bent:

You know I would laugh at this insinuation if it wasn't quite so serious. Remember my warning about people being charged with treason etc. Now you claim someone is circulating an e-mail that I am CIA. This really is amazing. <b>I only hope you are joking. If you are joking I really don't see the humour in it at all.</b> If you are not kidding then I demand that you forward this e-mail to me so that I can see for myself how freedom of thought is now being branded as the work of the CIA. Feel free to delete the sender if you fear that I will hunt him/her down and bug their computer.

And to Rivz33 you ask how dare I ? When are you going to finally see that the bombings are just a shell game. They really are accomplishing very little. I have watched fish getting shot in a barrel that was more exciting AND FAIR ! Just wait there will indeed be a Northern Afghanistan and that is where the pipeline will go through. And the oil companies will get richer, and the defense contractors will get richer and the drug czars will get richer and innocent American and British and maybe even Canadian servicemen will die along with innocent Afghanistan natives. And once again when it is over we will ask : "For what was gained, for what was lost ?"

And you of all people John Carlo. You who are proud of what the Mafia did during the Second World War and know full well that many elements within this orgainization owe there success in crime to the American government in pay backs for their work bombing and protecting the harbours through their various unions and went on to join the CIA. "Et Tu Brute"

"Red Herring"

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