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No offence meant but I thought you had got beyond making completely irrational statements.

"All of them are cruel, hateful and are worthy only of being ruled under Western Culture, ideals and democracy"

Know them all do you? met them personally have you? Ian, come on they are being manipulated and you know it. Pakistan doesn't want them in Government and America needs Pakistan so they did a deal, notice how the press have slightly changed their tone and taken quite a bit of emphasis away from the Northern Alliance.

Its attitudes like those in your statement above that will lead to Islamic peoples looking at the west with the utmost of suspicion. Yes I believe our way of life is (in a secular way) better(for me) but I dont think you, me or anyone has the right to enforce our way of life onto a foreign people, encourage them by all means but once you get forceful you get a reaction.

Look at world history this is a fact throughout that history. Your above statement is not.



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