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Hi Ian:

Yeah to this I can agree. But who are you and I to determine who the "crazies" really are. The vast majority of Muslims simply want to live their lives in religious freedom exactly as supposed Christians do. Who are we to dictate to them that Christianitry is the right way and they are wrong. Isn't this what the Europeans did in "The New World" only a scant 500 years ago. It would seem that the clock has been turned back and once again supposed Christian values are being used as a rallying cry.

Whoever did this outrageous deed, in my humble opinion, should be drawn and quartered or maybe even The Iron Maiden in the Tower of London. But before I did any of this I would like to be convinced of the person's guilt. So far I only have the FBI's word on this. (Although Bin Laden is supposed to admitted to it in a video which I still have not seen.) Correct me I'm wrong but isn't this the same agency that told me Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone and oh yeah didn't Sirhan Sirhan act alone as well even though it is well documented that at least two guns were fired at Bobby kennedy. ( and he was shot point blank behind the ear, yet Sirhan never got closer than a couple of feet )

Forgive me for being sceptical but they are not the most trustworthy news source.

All in all the west is probably the most comfortable in the world but how are the leaders of these countries living over in the Middle East ? Pretty comfortable I might suspect. The people may live in ignorance and poverty but in a way America and "The West" might have helped put them there and are now keeping them there.

Honestly Ian I don't have any real answers. Maybe a Third World War is the answer. Let's "bomb ourselves back to the stone age" and try again. MAYBE THIS TIME WE WILL GET IT RIGHT !

Best Regards
Don Barone

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