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Hi Deano,

Not to argue, but as far as I can ascertain, when men and women came together as a community to support each other to survive, there was no money or finance. Each had a job to do. Each were chosen to do that job because they showed a natural ability in that field and the people who were "All rounders" were chosen to be their leader. They had to share everything so all could survive. Yes, between communties there was trade, but it wasn't based on the items intrinsic value. It was based on it's value to the buyer. I have a spare chunk of meat, you have a shaped piece of cutting stone that I can use, I give you meat, you give me cutting tool. Because I have an abundance of meat but no skill at shaping cutting tools, you are welcome in my community, you will be honoured by us and you can teach us to make stuff. In return we give you all the meat you want and respect you etc etc.

Then came the wheelers and dealers and we land up now.

You wrote,
"Think of where/what we would be if that suddenly vanished."

You would go hunting in downtown London. You would hunt rats, fish in the Thames, hunt birds, moles etc. Likewise in any other city.

The big difference is that all the financiers and all the wheeler dealers would have to depend on the hunter gatherers and have to quickly learn to be useful to THEM so as to earn their food by getting their hands dirty. LOL.

Do you know what job I would give them to do, if I was one of the hunter gatherers? I would let them clean the insides of all the daily catch, to put them off eating. Until they graduated from being taught to do something with their hands which would help the community.

The modern world has lost the ability and skills needed to survive without the modern conveniences. The major leeches have become the leaders. The scariest of all, is that fact that WE have let it happen.



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