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Hi Deano,

Your one word wouldn't be (dare I write it ?.......... hell yes !)


Well you did say the one thing that sustains human survival !

Actually there is a serious side to this humourous answerette of mine. In a treatise I wrote on what drives us humans I theorised that Freud was actually even more right than he realised (for all the wrong reasons, naturally ) and that what actually drives the war-like tendency of our species is the fundamental genetic need of the male human to prove his breeding superiority. This can be done in many ways, obvious good looks, power, success, prowess in hunting, and mostly prowess in fighting.

It's the old 'Rutting' thing folks. Gone haywire. Take a perfectly normal animal trait and add a 'Big Brain' and what do you get ? H-bombs, that's what.

Well, I'm going to beat a hasty retreat to the Bandit Bunker and sit out the storm.



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