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Great post Ashy,

"Terrorism"> "Terrorise" [Brit-terrorize],,, akin to "territory"

"To instill fear'> Any act of such.

All movements have a "cause" and the "Leader" are totally convinced they are "right" in their cause. Also true of all acts of "crime". [It seemed to be the thing to do at the time]

Things have changed since these words were born. NYC and WDC are no longer local places because of today's communications,,,any spot in the free world is "local territory".

The best way I can put it is to say, "If an action supports equal human rights and social freedom, it is a good act. If an act supports oppression, slavery, or in any other way, suppresses the rights of any human to be free, is a bad or wrong act.

Another way is to ask a question: What ONE thing should the free world fight for, above all else? [What actually sustains human survival, in one word?]

Given a choice, fight or give up,,,I would fight for that ONE WORD.

KRs,,, Deano

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