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I saw this post on a CNN messageboard. Seems like the propaganda machine is halfway there but not quite, but they need a bit of a nudge.


David Aabye - Saturday, 10/13/01, 7:04:46am (#43295 of 43306)

It is 0650 EDT. I am watching a program called "International Correspondents" which all Americans should be exposed to. At one of the commercial breaks CNN announced what appears to be an important program about understanding Islam; it will air at 11 PM eastern.

Something is wrong with the timing of these programs. They need to aired when most people are awake rather than asleep! I for one have had more than my fill of endless reptition of the same stories concerning anthrax. Each successive story carries a more sensational spin, it seems in the hope of capturing viewers (rather than keeping Americans informed).

This policy of broadcasting sensationalism from dawn to dusk and information late at night serves the terrorist's purposes. Please consider adoption of a programming schedule that educates rather than promotes worry.


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