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Hi Jules and Ashkan,
I really think that an effort is being made that you might both agree with. Along with the Striking Back, they also have been running a program that has told the story of Islam. From the beginning and including the Crusades. So by educating the people they ARE trying to show that there are two sides to the story and they have also been trying to show the political manoeverings of all the surrounding countries and where the Americans stand in all of them. Believe this or not, they are NOT trying to make the American Government out to be the heroes and also admit that they were and are trying to protect their interests in those countries too. As the American public are educated with ALL the reasons why they are hated, I believe that the PEOPLE will realise what has been going on and a lot of them will be horrified. So this can be regarded as a good thing too.
Don't be too quick to judge the people. They will eventually understand, I am sure of that.

Thanks for allowing me to say my piece too.

Pat (The Alien)

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