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Hi Everyone,

Just a couple of thoughts regarding "terrorism", etc:

[PART 1]

I often see on the news, a headline of "America Strikes Back". Now even this little title is a step in the wrong direction. What good does striking back do as an initial reaction? You kill some of those that oppose you. Now does that many anyone the wiser? Does it solve the problem, or just delay it? As I said in another post, a possibility is to educate your "enemy" and have them educate you so that you both know the roots of your conflict. The path to this solution is the most important aspect.

The only thing worse than not finding other solutions is by not looking for them in the first place. Using the same old methods will bring the same old problems, only with different parameters.

[PART 2]

And the ultimate question: WHAT IS TERRORISM?

To answer this question in the common way, you need to already have divided a line between good and evil, *if they even exist outside of the mind*. This step itself is very dangerous as it incorporates much prejudice and guesswork gained during ones lifetime. You cannot know all of the motives of everyone else around you, so how can you draw a line between actions when you do not know this? You can approximate I suppose, but what if the situation being analysed is in the error margin?

The only answer I can think of that does not rely on a good vs evil, paradigm, is that terrorism is a *direct* form of attack, not shrouded in political smokescreens and deception as is the other form of the same attack done by governments themselves all around the world.

It seems as thought most of the world's powers are guilty of the same crimes, but those who are able to manipulate the "commonfolk" are the ones with the upper hand, and on the fabricated "moral highground".

These are just my opinions, so please feel free to discuss in a >friendly< way.


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