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“ All unhappy social democratic parties are alike: They’ve lost the white working class.

Britain’s Labour Party was decimated in its working-class home last night, when Boris Johnson’s nativist Tories ousted one Labour MP after another in England’s North, once the U.K.’s industrial heartland, today its rust belt. The migration of Britain’s abandoned workers to the anti-immigrant nationalism at the root of Brexit closely tracks the pattern we’ve seen in France, where the longtime proletarian strongholds of the French Communist Party have turned to the insular nationalism of two generations of Le Pens in recent elections. And in the historic home of European social democracy, Germany, the world’s oldest social democratic party is polling close to single digits.”

See < [];

Here is another odd but interesting story about the demise of the Democratic Party in the US.

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So a Union will stop a Democratic debate!? I wonder is Trump put them up to it? Collusion anybody!

Perhaps, we could get a good third party going!

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