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Here is an article from Gazprom on the development of the new pipeline: < [];

Executive summary: “ Currently, the Power of Siberia gas trunkline (eastern route) supplies gas from the Chayandinskoye field – the basis for the Yakutia gas production center – to domestic consumers in Russia’s Far East and to China. In late 2022, Power of Siberia will start to receive gas from one more field – Kovyktinskoye, which serves as the basis for the Irkutsk gas production center.”

They even thought of the environment!
“ In delivering its projects, Gazprom pursues environmentally sustainable business practices. In order to mitigate environmental impacts, the Power of Siberia gas pipeline was designed so as to run primarily through sparse woods and fire sites (areas with burned trees). In addition, Gazprom uses rapidly deployable and self-propelled pipeline bridges in construction. One of the advantages of those bridges is that they do not require intermediate supports to cross rivers, brooks, and ravines, which is important for preserving the environment.”

Happy fellows: < [];

This pipeline began delivering gas to China on December 2.

PS, I chose the article from Gazprom because of the pictures.

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