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If ever there was a time to show composure, this is the time.

Thousands of Trump hate posts from you and Sniffy and you have the gall to talk about "composure".

You can't see what's coming, can you?

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Get ready for the Senate trial. Get ready... 155 Eddie Larry 06-Dec-19 00:29
Quite a wait ahead 32 drrayeye 06-Dec-19 01:28
Re: Quite a wait ahead: For What? 35 Barbelo 06-Dec-19 01:59
Re: Quite a wait ahead: For What? 31 WhoWeird 06-Dec-19 02:04
GOV 101 26 drrayeye 06-Dec-19 04:14
Re: GOV 101: Just Another Excuse. So Lame 32 Barbelo 06-Dec-19 05:12
It's hard enough for us 29 drrayeye 06-Dec-19 06:15
Re: It's hard enough for us to hide our hypocrisy 51 Barbelo 06-Dec-19 21:00

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