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Yikes! This is a doozy.

Read the preface and executive summaries here.

Read the full report here.

I have a few questions.

Why was Rudy talking with the OMB?

How did HPSCI get Rudy's phone records if he didn't turn over anything?

Why in the world was Devin Nunes talking to Lev Parnas on the phone so much? You know, the indicted Russian mob goon?

Joseph A. Bondy (Lev Parnas' lawyer)
Devin Nunes, you should have recused yourself at the outset of the #HIC #ImpeachingHearings. #LetLevSpeak

Currently, Mitt Romney is the only Republican who will say publicly that Russia hacked the DNC, not Ukraine. The rest have chosen to go down with the moron ship.

This is sooooooo bad for the GOP and Trump, and Schiff didn't even touch the Mueller material. This is all about one specific topic and it is in fact a humongous doozy.

Just, wow.

Happy reading!

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