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I was brought up in backwoods America with traditional values--learning about our forefathers, going to church on Sunday, and helping my neighbors. I learned about communism and Nazism from books before studying them in school. I was fascinated with Russian culture and music before the communist revolution, coming in direct contact when I studied the Russian language and joined a Slavic folk group. By then, I had read the Communist manifesto, and learned about Russian history through WW2.

I realized soon enough that there was nothing in common between our way and the communist way imposed on their people. I'm certain that Donald was not raised like me, and I'm not convinced he understands their ways like I do.

I can only connect your musings about me and others on this board as missed homework and limited exposure to world history. Makes you an easy mark for a Trump who doesn't adhere to the American way and respect traditional American values.

Unlike George Washington, I don't think he'd tell his father the truth if he chopped down the cherry tree.


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Re: How would you know 54 Brian Patterson 04-Dec-19 00:18
again 51 drrayeye 04-Dec-19 01:49
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If only it ended with a "." 63 Sirfiroth 03-Dec-19 18:53
It starts with Civics/Government in High School 58 drrayeye 03-Dec-19 19:35
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Yes, it does 50 Buck 45 04-Dec-19 17:12
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