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Calm down. Of course Rick Perry told President Donald Trump he’s God's chosen one. Perry’s from Texas. He’s doing what must be done to protect Big Awl, the oil bidness. Why do people think Perry’s even in D.C.?

But I forget. Most people outside of Texas probably don’t remember for sure who Rick Perry is. His biggest national moment came eight years ago in a presidential debate when he committed a gaffe, back when people still thought gaffes were bad, pre-Joe Biden.

Listen, Perry’s not crazy. He’s from Texas. He’s what he’s always been — a slick, good-looking farm boy from Paint Creek who’s going to tell the man whatever it takes to keep him from setting the rig on fire.

I met the ex-governor, soon-to-be-ex energy secretary, for the only time in 1990 when he was still in the Texas Legislature. Republicans were just beginning to cement their hold on the state capital, so Perry, a lifelong yellow dog Democrat, rebranded himself Republican. The man has never been a martyr.



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