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Allan queried
Am I missing something?

Yes, Allan, you are missing quite a lot. The war in Yemen is on-going and not ending. I think this attack on Saudi was a warning that they better end the war via a negotiated settlement. Oil expert Kent Moors suggested that the attack could easily have been much more damaging. He said, “In addition, the single most vital Abqaiq component from the standpoint of maintaining Saudi economic (and budgetary) integrity was assiduously avoided in the attack.

This involves the desulfurization facilities essential to prevent sour Saudi crude at significant (and revenue busting) discount.

That is a clear signal that matters can deteriorate even further should subsequent attacks take place.”

This attack should be considered a Saudi specific issue to be resolved by negotiations. The US is oil independent and the largest producer in the World by some measures. If any country dependent on Saudi oil wants to intervene, that is their business.

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