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Hi All

This attack and the succeeding war of words without other actions is almost surreal. This source[] the Sauds have the material evidence to link Iran to the attack while Iran's President denys responsibility and claims Iran doesn't want conflict in the region.

According to this source[] "U.S. officials shared with Saudi Arabia the intelligence reports and their assessment that Iran launched more than 20 drones and at least a dozen missiles at the Saudi oil facilities on Saturday, the people familiar said. But Saudi officials said the U.S. didn’t provide enough proof to conclude that the attack was launched from Iran, indicating the U.S. information wasn’t definitive. U.S. officials said they planned to share more information with the Saudis in the coming days."

This quote from the source may give us a hint as to what is happening behind the scenes?

"Unless the kingdom makes the same determination, the U.S. would have trouble galvanizing regional support for a unified response, Western officials and analysts in the region said."

Are they in the process of either building a coalition against Iran, preparing to reply or seeking UN support for other actions against Iran?

I understand the UN is investigating the attack.

Now its been my understanding there is a anti Iranian coalition and that a plan for invading Iran already exist but the players of this plan such as Turkey,Iraq, Pakistan,UK and maybe others may not want to participate in an invasion or retaliation?

Obviously something is happening behind the scenes which were unaware.

Thank you,Dane

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