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When our left leaning "pals" here are expressing their opinions all is well and correct in their world and the rest of us are, well you know what they think of the rest of the world. There is nothing that you can verbalize or put into print that would ever satisfy the lefties here on any subject so why argue with them, they are right and the world at large is always wrong or conspiring against them. As far as the Mueller report they will get out of it what satisfies them. I will continue to read the report and make my own conclusion and then keep to myself.

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SILENCE. 531 Archaic 19-Apr-19 02:46
Re: SILENCE. 65 Archaic 19-Apr-19 03:12
Re: SILENCE. 56 WhoWeird 19-Apr-19 05:03
The vid below is fake news ;) 64 Racho 19-Apr-19 07:50
Re: The vid below is fake news ;) 46 ldennyjr 19-Apr-19 14:08
Explaining the Mueller report 43 drrayeye 19-Apr-19 11:35
Trumper Reset 46 WhoWeird 19-Apr-19 11:36
Re: Trumper Reset 54 adequatedane 19-Apr-19 13:33
Re: Trumper Reset 40 WhoWeird 19-Apr-19 13:45
Re: Trumper Reset 39 Archaic 19-Apr-19 17:37
Re: Trumper Reset 33 WhoWeird 19-Apr-19 17:55
Re: Trumper Reset 35 Archaic 21-Apr-19 01:37
The Russian pawn is Trump 17 grangram 01-May-19 05:19
Re: Trumper Reset 37 adequatedane 19-Apr-19 23:33
Re: Trumper Reset 43 WhoWeird 20-Apr-19 00:23
Re: Trumper Reset 39 adequatedane 20-Apr-19 22:18
Re: Trumper Reset 43 Archaic 21-Apr-19 02:52
Re: Trumper Reset 36 WhoWeird 21-Apr-19 10:34
Re: Trumper Reset 53 Archaic 19-Apr-19 17:36
Re: Trumper Reset 32 WhoWeird 19-Apr-19 17:56
Re: Trumper Reset 36 Archaic 21-Apr-19 02:52
Dear Mr Hate 37 Warwick 20-Apr-19 19:05
Re: Dear Mr Hate 39 Archaic 21-Apr-19 02:54
Re: SILENCE. 59 Who is John Galt 19-Apr-19 11:58
Let’s Ask Trump 38 WhoWeird 19-Apr-19 13:54
Re: Let’s Ask Trump 44 Archaic 19-Apr-19 17:38
Re: Let’s Ask Trump 38 WhoWeird 19-Apr-19 17:57
Re: Let’s Ask Trump 38 Archaic 21-Apr-19 02:55
Interesting To Note 55 WhoWeird 19-Apr-19 18:54
So Stupid, Your Mom Must be Proud? 45 adequatedane 21-Apr-19 09:47
There certainly is silence about Venezuela 30 grangram 30-Apr-19 07:53
Re: There certainly is silence about Venezuela 30 Archaic 30-Apr-19 11:13
Russians troops in Venezuela 24 grangram 30-Apr-19 15:32
Mueller time in Congress 22 drrayeye 01-May-19 21:02
Sorry. Not Happening. 22 Barbelo 02-May-19 04:48
Not smart 19 drrayeye 02-May-19 05:15
Re: Not smart 26 Archaic 02-May-19 10:46
Re: Not smart 31 adequatedane 02-May-19 10:49
Re: SILENCE. 26 thirdpal 02-May-19 19:19
Re: SILENCE. 19 drrayeye 03-May-19 04:19
Re: SILENCE. 23 Archaic 03-May-19 13:25
Not every American 24 drrayeye 03-May-19 19:10
Re: Not every American 24 Archaic 03-May-19 20:42

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