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As long as the subject of wind mills came up I had an opportunity to speak with a fellow that lives near a wind farm in Central Michigan. I ask him if he disliked the wind mills and his reply was "Heavens No". Do wind mills kill birds and other flying critters he rolled his eyes with a no, they don't spin fast enough. Do they make noise, no, if you have your windows open in the summer at night you might hear low whooshing sounds. How often do you see wind mills not working, not very often but they do have regular shutdowns for maintenance. He says the area benefits in two ways, they are a tourist attraction so his antique store gets lots of business on weekends and some other days plus other business' in the area benefit. Land owners benefit from the site leases, I think they get $1200 per site annually. One down side is the electricity goes into the Detroit/Ann Arbor area. In the central Michigan area there are several hundred wind mills with more being added in the near future. I was also told that the negativity that surrounds the wind mills is mostly myth. I do believe the cancer thing would fall into the myths.
I believe electricity has become a vital necessity of our everyday life to the point we would perish without it. The ability to produce electricity without fossil fuels is vital to our survival, so I am all ears when alterative fuels and making electricity are mentioned. The "Cost", the cost is not important if you can't make electricity with fossil fuels because there is none. The next time your power is off for a day or two think of what life would be like if didn't come back on.

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