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Yep. When you look at the actual text of the analysis, it says this:

Building collisions, and particularly collisions with windows, are a major anthropogenic threat to birds, with rough estimates of between 100 million and 1 billion birds killed annually in the United States. However, no current U.S. estimates are based on systematic analysis of multiple data sources. We reviewed the published literature and acquired unpublished datasets to systematically quantify bird–building collision mortality and species-specific vulnerability. Based on 23 studies, we estimate that between 365 and 988 million birds (median = 599 million) are killed annually by building collisions in the U.S., with roughly 56% of mortality at low-rises, 44% at residences, and <1% at high-rises.

So the mortality rate from skyscrapers (high-rises) is less than 1% of the total kill. Thus, the quote from the base post that "US skyscrapers kill 600 million birds per year" is shown to be false. Just as my analysis indicated. The report actually indicates that

A general pattern across and within building classes is that a large proportion of all mortality occurs at structures that kill small numbers of birds on a per-building basis but collectively constitute a high percentage of all buildings (e.g., residences compared to low-rises and high-rises; urban compared to rural residences; residences without feeders compared to those with feeders). This finding suggests that achieving a large overall reduction in mortality will require mitigation measures to be applied across a large number of structures (e.g., urban residences).

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