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Did a little digging, because the statement that "US skyscrapers kill 600 million birds per year" seemed bogus. And guess what? While a bunch of different MSM outlets all proclaim the same statement, and reference the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, can't seem to find an actual quote from that organization. But what I did turf up is this:

Funny thing. That shows there might be 600 million migratory birds. Not 600 million dying every year from skyscrapers. That 600 million is a mighty high number. If it were true, there would be piles of dead birds at the base of skyscrapers in every US city every morning. And yet, they are not there.

Let's do a little math. Assume 100 major cities in the USA, each with 100 skyscrapers. So that's 10,000. Now let's divide 600,000,000 by all 10,000 skyscrapers by 365 days per year. (600,000,000 / (10,000 x 365)) = 164 dead birds per day laying at the bottom of each skyscraper. And yet, they don't appear to be there. Maybe they are invisible birds! Yeah, that must be it.

Simple rule: if the MSM asserts a story, check their sources. And especially check what they quote and don't quote, and whether they provide links to their quotes, or not. Most of the time, they lie like rugs.

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