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Shot: Chicago Is The Most Corrupt American City: Report

CHICAGO (CBS)–The Chicago metropolitan area was ranked as the most corrupt U.S. city in a new report from the University of Illinois at Chicago...Chicago accounts for 82 percent of the state’s public corruption convictions...Statewide, Illinois ranked–on a per capita basis–as the third most corrupt state in America

Chaser: The Sinaloa Cartel

What amazed me — and I say gratified me — was all the amazing details that came out in this trial. The twins — the Flores twins — their testimony about how deeply involved they were in Chicago or Chicago being kind of, El Chapo's center of operations in the United States.

Note: the last time a Republican was elected mayor of Chicago was 1931. 88 years ago. The reality is, there are those who like to paint Republicans as corrupt. But given the opportunity, Democrats dive into corruption as fast as possible. Those who like to view the world as Republicans bad, Democrats good, are blind. Both parties are deeply evil.

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Chicago Is The Most Corrupt American City 366 Race Jackson 15-Feb-19 23:06
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