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XD is text talk for laughing so hard my eyes close, which you do quite well!

"Like anything said here would have any effect at all on PREVENTING fires."

- There you go again being all negative Nancy! I couldn't imagine being that defeatist!

"Like you and I would even begin to have the knowledge to "explore options" on fire prevention."

- You clearly don't. That is for sure. Plus, you're again assuming that you know me! One of the few times I wish that Aine was still here..... I do miss Katrina Aine....

"Trump made an asinine suggestion for FIRE PREVENTION [and] You have... attempt[ed] to say trump knew what he was talking about."

- I already said that what he said was comedy gold. However, it is based on a real process. You've never gotten the name of something wrong or off? You've never mischaracterized or mislabeled something? Did the people or person still understand you? Get the gist of what you meant? Or are you really that perfect?

"You've tried to redefine "raking" by using bulldozers."

- No. You're the one who can't stop talking about bulldozers.... and Trump XD

"You've said "firebreaks" are the same as clear cutting"

- No. You just haven't understood what I've said cause the Orange Man rules your brain.

"firebreaks are created when a fire is in progress."

- Wrong. Some firebreaks are permanent, man made features whereas others are created by design during the harvesting process. Ever heard of the saying, 'kill two birds with one stone?'

""Firebreak" is a term used by firefighters in fighting fires."

- And by those whose cash crop are trees and by those who live in and around woodlands and wildlands.

"You've babbled about biodiversity and all sorts of things that have absolutely nothing to do with PREVENTION under Calif conditions, not Finland or Sweden or New York City conditions. And THAT is the context the stupid narcissistic fat thug said if Calif raked the forests, they wouldn't have wildfires."

- You seem to be learning disabled. You do realize that it's possible to improvise, adapt, and overcome obstacles? That lessons can be learned from vastly different sources? There's a saying, 'don't confuse the props for the drama.' Well congratulations, you're doing exactly that! You're also refusing to acknowledge the root source of the Orange Man's usage. A usage that even the Finn's acknowledge held truth but nope, you just hate the Orange Man wayyyyyyy too much.

"You ignore the impossibility of raking the Sierras instead trying to redefine "raking"."

- I only defined raking as it is defined, 'biomass removal.' That, is the "drama." Using your beloved bulldozers is but one, "prop." As your prop will have issues in some areas, for sure, that doesn't mean we still can't enact that drama but with different props!

"What does that have to do with Calif?? Strawman extraordinaire"

- Cough* What I had written was in direct reply to: "Harvesting timber and fire prevention. They are separate issues with separate problems and solutions." Which was itself a continuation of your "logic train" that Finland's Forest Ministry's ""management practice" IS NOT TO PREVENT FIRES." Hence my cash crop 101 course that you clearly F-ailed XD

"You have not talked about the causes of Calif fires"

- One of the causes is clearly implied but wasn't this about "raking"-gate? That we could learn from the Finns who rake their forests? Both of which I've demonstrated, using the Finn's own words from their own cite, to be true.

"or the benefit of "raking" the Sierras"

- Again, the benefit is implied via the evidence of reduced fires and fire sizes in the Finland to Sweden comparison that the Finns did themselves. You're having a hard enough time digesting that idea so I thought why bother giving you more examples.

"or how it would be done."

- Okay, which one is it? Do you want to explore options or not?! XD

"I guess you haven't figured out that you cannot tell people what to say."

- Sure I can! Them doing it is another matter! :D

"Or that the subject of the OP was to try to justify Trump's idiotic "raking"."

- Which the Finns did. Justify it that is.

"Suggest you stop trying to justify it and instead focus your immense arrogance on reforesting the globe with biodiversity."

- Already am. You should too!

"You could start by submitting your links to the firefighters, I'm sure they'll get a hearty laugh out of it."

- I might just do that! Your responses thus far have certainly given me a chuckle!

"Meanwhile Calif has a wildfire problem that you cannot comprehend let alone solve."

- There we go again assuming and being defeatist.

"You are a shinning example of the scattered, fractured, arrogant logic of the trumpers. You can vomit all sorts of ridiculous distractions but the fact of what the pouty imbecile said does not change. And that I think he's totally incompetent does not change it either, he said it and it was beyond stupid."

- One day I hope you get embarrassed by the way you used to be because at that time, you'll have stopped being a fool and joined the land of people who like to think for themselves. Like I said before, was his comment comedy gold? Yes. Was it baseless? No. Again, as evidence by the Finns themselves.... Holy shit! Now you've got me repeating myself... in the same post!!! XD

"Also suggest you ask wardick"

- Saucy ;)

"there is no way you will best me, don't even try."

- Honey, it's already happened several post ago.

"Just sayin....if you want to waste your time...."

- I mean, I'll give you that. Replying to you further will be a waste of time. I'll read your reply in case you've removed your head from your butt but don't expect one in return if you just want to continue flaming and Trump hating. I will not enable your psychosis any further.

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