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Buck 45 Wrote:
snipped the nonsense

> - So you've got a thing for bulldozers like you
> do for Trump, eah?! XD If you'd move beyond the
> singular, 3rd grade definition, perhaps we could
> explore the options.

WE explore options??? Seriously, who do you think you are. Like anything said here would have any effect at all on PREVENTING fires. Like you and I would even begin to have the knowledge to "explore options" on fire prevention. You think too highly of yourself. Have no idea what XD is supposed to be and I don't think I want to know. I speak in full sentences, don't know what trip you're on.

The point is regarding "raking"; prevention NOT REFORESTATION.

Trump made an asinine suggestion for FIRE PREVENTION, not reforestation, not biodiversity, not timber production. You have gone off on several tangents in your retarded attempt to say trump knew what he was talking about. You've tried to redefine "raking" by using bulldozers. You've said "firebreaks" are the same as clear cutting, but firebreaks are created when a fire is in progress. "Firebreak" is a term used by firefighters in fighting fires. You've babbled about biodiversity and all sorts of things that have absolutely nothing to do with PREVENTION under Calif conditions, not Finland or Sweden or New York City conditions. And THAT is the context the stupid narcissistic fat thug said if Calif raked the forests, they wouldn't have wildfires.

But you want to ignore the conditions under which "raking" was given as a solution. You ignore the impossibility of raking the Sierras instead trying to redefine "raking". If you want to babble on about anything forest related, except prevention, go right ahead, talk to yourself.

(snipped more babbling nonsense)

> - This is logic 101. The lumber industry's sole
> revenue generator is what? What is the number one
> threat (in some regions, bugs and their diseases
> could challenge that spot though) to their sole
> source of income? Hint, you could read about it
> from the cites I provided... Unbelievable.

What does that have to do with Calif?? Strawman extraordinaire

Have no idea what you're rambling on about. You have not talked about the causes of Calif fires or the benefit of "raking" the Sierras or how it would be done. You have however, managed to make the subject unrecognizable with your ramblings about Finland and if that weren't bad enough, you then bring Japan into the Calif fire problem!!

I guess you haven't figured out that you cannot tell people what to say. Or that the subject of the OP was to try to justify Trump's idiotic "raking". Suggest you stop trying to justify it and instead focus your immense arrogance on reforesting the globe with biodiversity. You could start by submitting your links to the firefighters, I'm sure they'll get a hearty laugh out of it. Meanwhile Calif has a wildfire problem that you cannot comprehend let alone solve. You are a shinning example of the scattered, fractured, arrogant logic of the trumpers. You can vomit all sorts of ridiculous distractions but the fact of what the pouty imbecile said does not change. And that I think he's totally incompetent does not change it either, he said it and it was beyond stupid.

Also suggest you ask wardick, there is no way you will best me, don't even try. Just sayin....if you want to waste your time....

He who knows all the answers has not been asked all the questions - Confucius

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