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Audrey was having a hard enough time already that I didn't want to drop even more info on her but yes, Warwick, it looks to be a massive boost to regenerating forests. The process is of course different as the various regions and environments require variations or completely different methods of scarification. This process is quite common in the US at it gives the industry a better yield overall. However, as I've been trying to highlight, the second phase or even the broader vision of the industry, forest, and community, is missing. Hence my Japan forest video as a food-for-thought side note because I love their approach, from the business side to the environmental and aesthetic ones. If you're game, here's another food-for-thought video. I know (not personally) an Indian woman (Puyallup Indian) who does this work and who gets her wood from the Tribe's loggers. Kind of a microcosm of 'my' macro vision.... In any case, you might find the subject matter interesting as it's seen through and experienced by three novices.


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