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Too bad because I think we're in an interesting position. He have the techies and the pro-environmental crowd who are itching (I mean, they are hippies :D ) to live simple in their plugged-in, pro-environment, small time capitalist (without calling it capitalism) co-op communities. There are tons of lumber based towns up and down the west coast that are begging for their mills to come back/turn back on! As much as Weyerhaeuser has been a good thing, it has one; squashed the small logging towns by centralizing the milling, mulching, and pulping, and two; moved forward without an equal "green" partner invested in the business. A simple summation, for sure :)

AGW!!! Yeah, I wouldn't put it past the CC SS :D to be playing their fiddle as Cali burns. What did the GV wacko say about Progs? That they're okay doing morally bad things if the outcome is morally good?

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