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"'Clear cutting' for timber harvest is not the same as "raking", no matter how you try to spin it."

- The only spin on this thread is from your Trump-deranged head. If you could see past the Orange mist, you'd see that I've made no such claim or comparison. The "raking" I showed was from the Finns themselves, FFS! The "raking" rules are also there for you to read, which you clearly didn't. I guess you could have read it but just didn't understand the words...

""Raking" the Sierras with bulldozer is impossible, as is raking by hand."

- So you've got a thing for bulldozers like you do for Trump, eah?! XD If you'd move beyond the singular, 3rd grade definition, perhaps we could explore the options. Options that would possibly include more Finnish solutions, like more roads. Also, are you that resigned to burning California? I mean, talk about a defeated mind!

"[I hate Trump and am going to project my own ignorance.]"

- We get it, you're down for letting others think for you and the Orange Man scares you. Grow up.

"If you want to talk about forest management regarding timber production, maybe you should look at Americas logging industry and how they do it."

- Between the two of us, which has brought the document ruckus? Which one has supported their position with facts, figures and quotes from the those in the industry itself? Which one has assumed that the other has no insight, firsthand or otherwise, on the basis that they know jack and shit about the other? Facts don't care about your feelz.

"You are deliberately blurring two separate objectives. Harvesting timber and fire prevention. They are separate issues with separate problems and solutions."

- This is logic 101. The lumber industry's sole revenue generator is what? What is the number one threat (in some regions, bugs and their diseases could challenge that spot though) to their sole source of income? Hint, you could read about it from the cites I provided... Unbelievable.

"Creating a "fire break" is what firefighters do when a fire is burning. NOT BEFORE."

- There you go shouting again and of course, you're wrong, 100%. If only you had read the evidence in those very articles. Hell, I even explained/quoted as much in my reply to you!!! A simple google image search should've been the least of your research... Nope. Trump is the liar here........

Audrey, your unhealthy desire to hate all things Trump has blinded you to simple information. You sound unhinged and uneducated. I tried to be as civil as possible up until this post because after I've led the proverbial horse to water, it isn't just not drinking but also bitching that the obvious water ain't water. For the sake of your mental health, please go back and review the information in this thread and leave the Orange Man out of it. Would it help if I agreed that he is quite orange? Even a broke clock is right twice a day!

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