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Buck, I think they want to use the dead tree's in the forest that are absolutely caused by draught here in California (among other things) to brow beat us about AGW rather than do anything about it. They would rather fire ravage the forests and towns than actually manage the forest like they should.

This is known......

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Apparently Finland Does "Rake" Forests For Fire Prevention 575 Race Jackson 16-Dec-18 23:39
Re: Apparently Finland Does "Rake" Forests For Fire Prevention 228 Audrey 17-Dec-18 06:16
Confucius say... 155 Buck 45 17-Dec-18 09:11
Re: Confucius say... 157 Audrey 18-Dec-18 00:14
Re: Confucius say... 135 Jock 18-Dec-18 01:10
Can't see the forest through the trees XD 157 Buck 45 18-Dec-18 03:10
Brow beat 119 calisurfer30 19-Dec-18 00:15
Sounds about right 78 Buck 45 19-Dec-18 06:14
Re: Can't see the forest through the trees XD 83 Audrey 19-Dec-18 05:19
#OrangeManBad 90 Buck 45 19-Dec-18 05:59
Re: #OrangeManBad 84 Warwick 19-Dec-18 09:12
Yup 91 Buck 45 19-Dec-18 19:55
Re: Yup 74 Warwick 19-Dec-18 20:10
Agreed (n/t) 137 Buck 45 19-Dec-18 22:28
Re: Yup 87 Audrey 20-Dec-18 04:04
Re: Yup 68 Warwick 20-Dec-18 06:44
Re: #OrangeManBad 76 Audrey 20-Dec-18 03:55
You make us laugh XD 86 Buck 45 20-Dec-18 06:29
Re: You make us laugh XD 96 Brian Patterson 20-Dec-18 06:36
Fram oil 162 Buck 45 20-Dec-18 06:59
Re: #OrangeManBad 90 Warwick 20-Dec-18 06:48

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