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... you do not know all the answers.

"In other words, Finland has a huge logging industry. Growing trees is their business and "clearcutting" is a technique for tree farming."

- True. However, you seem to have skipped this; "When the new succession has started in the previously clear-cut forest, Finnish law requires thinning operations... this again lessens the probability of uncontrolled wild fires." That's what's called, wildfire prevention. You do that practice on the macro you get what's called 'fire breaks' and if you do it properly, you only get small patches of fires.

Now, there are plenty of factors involved, especially when comparing and contrasting California and Finland. However, there's little disparity between Finland and Sweden, and in the former, we see far less wildland fires than in the later (numbers range from 500 hectares in Finland to 25,000 in Sweden). The main difference is of course Finland's forest management and their main 'management' practice is logging/forest industry.

You rightly point out that logging is big business in Finland and in years past that was also true of California. However, since the 80's, the logging industry has been gutted and is only a 1/3 to 1/4 of its former glory. This gutting was especially so for Federal lands. You can read their (the USDA/US Forest Service) most recent report (pdf) here. For many, including myself, this is the source of our forest mismanagement indictment. If California still had a vibrant forest industry, would we be having the kinds of wildland fires that we're having today? I'd say no. This also bleeds into the Fed's mishandling of forests nationwide.

Oh, and this - "The dozer is removing stumps which are used in their pulp and paper industry. NONE OF THIS HAS ANYTHING TO DO WITH WILDFIRE MANAGEMENT!!"

- Firstly, so much shouting. Y tho?! Second, removing of stumps along with the tiling of the earth, while being useful in their business model is also a practice used to mitigate wildland fires i.e. fire prevention! :D

Now does this 'vindicate Trump?' Did he need 'vindicating' or for people to just take a few minutes to ask some questions? It sure looks like some or all of a forest industry helps mitigate fires... kind of like a Finnish industry......

To change the mood a bit, check out this lovely, 10 min, forest management video, here. A great place from which to start, no? I don't see how a community, a county, a state, or even a nation, couldn't adopt some variant of that video's ethos! I mean, we've got enough tree-huggers and there's certainly money to be made in wood..... :D



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