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Race Jackson Wrote:
> See
> here


In Finland, after clear-cutting a forest area, crews use heavy machinery to “rake” or gather tree harvesting residues, tree roots and other material into huge piles. The biomass is then chipped onsite after it has dried up sufficiently, and chips are hauled to local heat-producing plants to generate warmth for local residents.

In addition, throughout the clear-cut area, crews heavily till the soil so that a fire cannot move easily into or through the clear-cut area. This harvesting policy is motivated by the idea that clear-cutting mimics wildfires in pristine forests. Wildfires start a new succession: a new generation of trees in forests. Cutting does too, but without destroying soils and soil organisms the way raging fires do.

When the new succession has started in the previously clear-cut forest, Finnish law requires thinning operations around the best remaining trees, and accumulating biomass is again removed from time to time from these young forests. This again lessens the probability of uncontrolled wild fires, while allowing the strongest, healthiest trees to grow more fully in less confined spaces and with improved access to water, sunlight and nutrients.

> It appears that Finland has much better forestry
> practices than the US federal and state
> governments. The US forestry management services
> used to be quite good. Today, they are terrible.

It appears that Finland "is one of the world's largest producer of pulp, paper and cardboard and one of Europe's largest producers of sawn timber. The forest industry directly and indirectly employs approximately 160,000 people in Finland."

These "clearcutting" policies are in regard to timber production, NOT wildfire management.

"The Finnish state and the pulp and paper industries formed a tight alliance to push through a monolithic model of forestry, which had zero tolerance for dissenting opinion or alternative models. In practice the Finnish forest owners lost almost all control of how their own forests were to be managed. Everybody was forced to adopt the same practices, forest management procedures which were designed to guarantee an adequate supply of wood for the pulp and paper industries. The forest was first thinned to produce pulp wood and then finally clear-cut to produce pulp wood and timber."

In other words, Finland has a huge logging industry. Growing trees is their business and "clearcutting" is a technique for tree farming. NOT WILDFIRE PREVENTION

So this BLOGGER you linked to doesn't know what he's talking about and has written a most dishonest BLOG in a feeble attempt to vindicate Trump. But hey, I always believe bloggers, don't you?

Now look at the video in your link. The dozer is removing stumps which are used in their pulp and paper industry. NONE OF THIS HAS ANYTHING TO DO WITH WILDFIRE MANAGEMENT!!

He who knows all the answers has not been asked all the questions - Confucius

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