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Racho Wrote:
> []

7 minutes of a radio host worthy of a Shakespearian actor spewing conspiracy garbage without giving one single fact with video showing what eerily looks like our Charlottesville, NC insanity, and comparing the Paris riots to the video game Call of Duty which tells me this kid spends too much time with Xbox. Listening to his theatrical diatribe is as nauseating as listening to Limbaugh & Hannity.

> For the life of me...can't our friends to the left
> on this site even understand that what Paul talks
> about is obviously true. They'll blame Trump for
> this I'm sure - too bad.

Blame trump for what... the yellow jackets? I don't think the left spends a lot of time listening to radio shows hosted by fanatical conspiracy freaks who don't live in the U.S. And I'm pretty sure the anti-trumpers don't spend time watching youtube for their main source of news and they obviously seek out alternative news presented by credible sources that have a 'hands-on' experience examining information directly from a horse's mouth instead of listening to social media queens that spend their days sitting in front of a microphone repeating rumors without any facts to back it up.

> Easily understood/recognized reality. What did
> Trump say about France all those months ago...?
> Looks like its all coming (has come) true now aye
> Macron? little totalitarian you.

You live in Canada and seriously think youtube will give you an in-depth knowledge of affairs in the U.S. and France. You spout off about the deceptive MSN when you don't even know who comprises the MSN in the U.S., let alone listen to them every day. The broadcasts you get are geared to Canadian events just as ours are geared to our events, yet you think you've heard it all but you haven't heard much at all.

You sit in a country that actually has health care and a rational president while having the audacity to insult Americans because you think you know everything but when pressed for specifics you disappear like a whore's ghost who drank holy water from the font in church.

Spare us the fear/hate mongering. We're getting too much already from our mentally ill president.

He who knows all the answers has not been asked all the questions - Confucius

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