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Race Jackson Wrote:
> The MSM is almost entirely focused on what happens
> in Paris. Most of France is rural. Here are some
> facts regarding the 80% of France without any MSM
> coverage - only private cell phone cameras and
> youtube channels provide this view.
> 1. The rural people have stocked up on food. Weeks
> worth of food in most cases. (Plus they grow the
> food.)
> 2. The roads are empty. This is because the yellow
> vests have blocked the roundabouts. France has
> about 30,000 roundabouts (half the world total)
> and the Yellow Vests congregate on these. Very
> little transport of goods is occurring. This will
> have a major impact because the big cities are
> running out of goods. This is because most big
> cities depend on "just in time" goods delivery.
> When the roads are blocked, minimal goods flow
> into the cities. In some sectors, sales are down
> 25%, and the sales continue to fall. Stores are
> reporting between 20% all the way up to 70% loss
> of sales over the past 4 weeks.
> 3. The rural people travel by back roads, most of
> which are merely gravel and dirt. These are the
> old, old roads made over the centuries. The rural
> people know them.
> 4. Gas stations are running out of gas. 11 major
> fuel depots have been blockaded by yellow vests.
> 5. The French military is sympathetic to the
> plight of the people. They will not support
> Macron. A large group of French generals and a
> former defense minister sent a scolding letter to
> Macron, all but accusing him of treason.
> 6. Leaders of the far right (Marine Le Pen) and
> the far left (Jean-Luc Mélenchon) have tried to
> ally themselves with the yellow vests - and have
> been rejected. The yellow vests are mainly rural
> versus city, lower and middle class versus upper
> class.

Hey Race,

The thing not being mentioned, is that these are instigated by patriots.
Sure protest like hell, try and get changes, make some beef, make a lot of beef, BUT
If it goes tits up, if it's hijacked by extremists, F them dude this won't happen


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