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The MSM is almost entirely focused on what happens in Paris. Most of France is rural. Here are some facts regarding the 80% of France without any MSM coverage - only private cell phone cameras and youtube channels provide this view.
1. The rural people have stocked up on food. Weeks worth of food in most cases. (Plus they grow the food.)
2. The roads are empty. This is because the yellow vests have blocked the roundabouts. France has about 30,000 roundabouts (half the world total) and the Yellow Vests congregate on these. Very little transport of goods is occurring. This will have a major impact because the big cities are running out of goods. This is because most big cities depend on "just in time" goods delivery. When the roads are blocked, minimal goods flow into the cities. In some sectors, sales are down 25%, and the sales continue to fall. Stores are reporting between 20% all the way up to 70% loss of sales over the past 4 weeks.
3. The rural people travel by back roads, most of which are merely gravel and dirt. These are the old, old roads made over the centuries. The rural people know them.
4. Gas stations are running out of gas. 11 major fuel depots have been blockaded by yellow vests.
5. The French military is sympathetic to the plight of the people. They will not support Macron. A large group of French generals and a former defense minister sent a scolding letter to Macron, all but accusing him of treason.
6. Leaders of the far right (Marine Le Pen) and the far left (Jean-Luc Mélenchon) have tried to ally themselves with the yellow vests - and have been rejected. The yellow vests are mainly rural versus city, lower and middle class versus upper class.

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