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According to CBS News, the love child of Droopy and the heralded tortoise who outraced the hare, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, said Tuesday on the Senate floor that he’s changing his position “at the request of the president and following improvements to the legislation that have been secured by several members.”

This most likely means that Trump either threatened to punch a baby dinosaur in the face or warned that he might lay McConnell upside down on his shell if the Senator refused to follow the commands of his master.

Just last month, McConnell, who doesn’t give a shit about the criminal justice system, said he wanted to use the last remaining time as a Republican majority (the House flips to Democratic control in January; the Senate will remain in Republican hands) to continue to push for more conservative-minded judges who just so happen to disproportionately sentence blacks and Latinos to higher sentences.

McConnell doesn't want to give this as a win to the Democrats in January, so he's trying a steal now. Flippyfloppy, flippyfloppy, look at Yertle go!


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