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WhoWeird Wrote:
> Deceiving American voters is ok with you?
Yes. Politicians do this all the time. It is legal. It is actually American political standard practice.

> Wrong, he committed bank fraud in order to secure
> a loan which he used to pay them off, at Trump’s
> direction (Lordy, there are tapes). Thus, Cohen
> also pled guilty to campaign finance violations,
> while implicating Trump in the conspiracy. You
> didn’t read the sentencing memo, did you?
Bank fraud is a crime. Cohen is guilty.

> > e) After the election, Cohen sought
> reimbursement
> > from campaign funds. THIS IS THE CRIME!
> > Worse, Cohen arranged for his own reimbursement
> > via fraudulent invoices for non-existent legal
> > services ostensibly performed pursuant to a
> > non-existent ‘retainer’ agreement.
> Nice try.
But a fact. A fact that Cohen was charged with. I copied this out of the prosecution charges.

> Cohen pled guilty. The prosecutors are finished
> making the case.
Yes. Cohen is guilty.

> Cohen pled guilty. It’s done.
Yes. Cohen is guilty.

> > The former FEC head also stated: "When the FEC
> > wrote the regulation that says what constitutes
> > campaign expenditures and what constitutes
> > personal use, it rejected specifically the idea
> > that a campaign expenditure was anything
> related
> > to a campaign, and instead says it has to be
> > something that exists only because of the
> campaign
> > and solely for that reason."
> It was intended to deceive voters, which it did.
> They covered up truths that voters should have
> been aware of before deciding which campaign they
> preferred.
Politics as usual.

> One of the crimes Cohen pled guilty to is a
> campaign finance violation at the direction of
> “Individual 1”. Go read the memo, then come
> back and comment on it. Otherwise you are
> discussing something you are unfamiliar with. And
> that is, by definition, ignorant.
Yes. But Cohen is a proven liar. Part of the charges against him is that he lied to federal investigators. Good luck going after Trump on the word of a convicted liar. Cohen is worthless as a prosecution witness.

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