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Race Jackson Wrote:
> It is a bit overblown. The assertion is that:
> a) Trump had sex with some strumpets
> b) He paid them to be silent
> c) During the election campaign, Cohen (not Trump)
> sought to buy "stories" from two women to bury
> them, so that the stories would not influence the
> election.

Deceiving American voters is ok with you?

> d) Cohen paid off the women with money he received
> from Trump (Cohen had a regular monthly retainer
> from Trump, he paid the women off with money from
> this source).

Wrong, he committed bank fraud in order to secure a loan which he used to pay them off, at Trump’s direction (Lordy, there are tapes). Thus, Cohen also pled guilty to campaign finance violations, while implicating Trump in the conspiracy. You didn’t read the sentencing memo, did you?

> e) After the election, Cohen sought reimbursement
> from campaign funds. THIS IS THE CRIME!
> Worse, Cohen arranged for his own reimbursement
> via fraudulent invoices for non-existent legal
> services ostensibly performed pursuant to a
> non-existent ‘retainer’ agreement.

Nice try.

> However, note that the money Cohen used to pay off
> the women was from Trump's monthly retainer. No
> campaign funds were used for this.

Completely wrong.

> I suspect that the prosecutors will have a hard
> time making the case that the payoffs were
> campaign violations, as no campaign funding was
> used.

Cohen pled guilty. The prosecutors are finished making the case.

Basically their case boils down to: if you
> pay out of your personal funds to bury a story
> while campaigning for an elected position, this is
> a campaign violation.

Not what happened. Read the memo.

Unfortunately for them, the
> former head of the Federal Election Commission
> asserted that Cohen’s alleged hush payment to
> porn star Stormy Daniels before the 2016 election
> is not an in kind contribution to the Trump
> campaign or a violation of campaign finance law.

Cohen pled guilty. It’s done.

> The former FEC head also stated: "When the FEC
> wrote the regulation that says what constitutes
> campaign expenditures and what constitutes
> personal use, it rejected specifically the idea
> that a campaign expenditure was anything related
> to a campaign, and instead says it has to be
> something that exists only because of the campaign
> and solely for that reason."

It was intended to deceive voters, which it did. They covered up truths that voters should have been aware of before deciding which campaign they preferred.

> This goes back to August of 2018. So what we are
> seeing is that the Democrats have given up on the
> "Russia collusion" narrative and are now trying to
> make this about campaign violations. While the
> former FEC head is asserting there are no campaign
> violations.

Wrong. I’m a republican; I haven’t given up on Russia collusion.

> Did Cohen commit a crime? Yes. More than one.
> Mainly lying and fraud. But Trump did not direct
> the use of campaign funds for the payoffs, so he
> is clean on this one.

One of the crimes Cohen pled guilty to is a campaign finance violation at the direction of “Individual 1”. Go read the memo, then come back and comment on it. Otherwise you are discussing something you are unfamiliar with. And that is, by definition, ignorant.

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