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Turnip Denis Tear Gas Used On Legitimate Refugees Despite Tear Gas Being Used on Legitimate Refugees

Nothing like watching the US military being complicit in a War Crime and an Atrocity to make your morning coffee seem perky!

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American Military Complicit in War Crime 381 Jock 27-Nov-18 07:16
Re: American Military Complicit in War Crime 78 Jock 27-Nov-18 07:16
Just Disinformation 81 adequatedane 27-Nov-18 11:25
Re: Just Disinformation 80 Sirfiroth 27-Nov-18 15:50
Re: Just Disinformation 73 adequatedane 27-Nov-18 16:53
Re: Just Disinformation 108 solaremp 27-Nov-18 17:42
Mod Note > Jock 115 Dr. Troglodyte 27-Nov-18 18:30
Re: Mod Note > Jock 73 Jock 29-Nov-18 19:07
Re: American Military Complicit in War Crime 80 Archaic 27-Nov-18 18:49
Re: American Military Complicit in War Crime 111 Warwick 27-Nov-18 20:21
Nope 78 Race Jackson 29-Nov-18 23:41
Re: Nope 67 Jock 30-Nov-18 00:52
Re: Nope 97 adequatedane 30-Nov-18 04:40
Re: Nope 90 Jock 30-Nov-18 08:32
Re: Nope 80 ldennyjr 30-Nov-18 15:29
Re: Nope 89 WhoWeird 30-Nov-18 16:21
Re: Nope 90 ldennyjr 30-Nov-18 22:48
Puerile Post 80 Sirfiroth 30-Nov-18 18:09
Re: Puerile Post 85 Jock 30-Nov-18 20:52
Truth hurts! 76 Sirfiroth 30-Nov-18 23:21
Yeah Keep Showing off that Ignorance 85 adequatedane 30-Nov-18 23:45
French Police Use Tear Gas Against Yellow Vest Movement 100 Race Jackson 01-Dec-18 16:04

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