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FBI Leaked Classified Flight Plan of AG Loretta Lynch to Set Up Bill Clinton’s Tarmac Ambush

"FBI agents are pointing their collective finger at Bureau brass for leaking sensitive intelligence to Bill Clinton to set up and stalk former Attorney General Loretta Lynch on a Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport tarmac in June 2016.

The question is who in the FBI breached and leaked the classified information to the Clintons?

Was it fired former director James Comey? Deputy Director Andew McCabe? Or FBI General Counsel James Baker who is believed to be under investigation for leaks?"

Any guesses?



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Re: The Comey Game 237 eli stills 23-Jul-17 01:30
...and now that we know she wasn't really investigated ;) 137 Racho 06-Sep-17 14:13
Re: ...and now that you've been told she wasn't really investigated. 184 eli stills 06-Sep-17 16:16
No Intent Required 144 Barbelo 06-Sep-17 21:35
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Great catch? 197 Racho 20-Sep-17 05:20
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I'm thrilled 163 drrayeye 27-Jul-17 21:09
Re: I'm thrilled 147 Brian Patterson 27-Jul-17 22:43
Re: I'm thrilled 142 drrayeye 28-Jul-17 00:05
I'd leave Comey alone. It doesn't pay to mess with the FBI... 145 Racho 28-Jul-17 00:24
Re: I'd leave Comey alone. It doesn't pay to mess with the FBI... 147 drrayeye 28-Jul-17 02:18
Re: Comey To Feel It Pucker 160 Barbelo 28-Jul-17 03:03
No doubt about it 259 eli stills 28-Jul-17 03:26
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