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You still don't get it!!! Boaz Alabama was the capital of the blue jean industry here in the United States. Their factories were old and needed some up grading for sure. Between the EPA's and OSHA's absurd regulations being imposed on these family owned business's could not afford to knuckle under and business's were sold to larger companies. These companies wanted the products, Levi jeans was one, but not the government grief so they moved the business off shore, to China, as did other companies. Soooo are you going to get a clothing line made in Boaz Alabama, NO!!, BF China would be the place. How many clothing companies are located in Canada that actually make there own clothes I might ask? How many companies in Canada sell products with their name on them that don't make their own products but import them from China or Mexico or Pakistan, the cheap labor markets?

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Enrique Pena Nieto 751 ldennyjr 27-Jan-17 14:37
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Tycoon Slim says united Mexico ready for Trump talks 209 dmatherly 27-Jan-17 20:51
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Is what we have now a wall or a fence? 328 dmatherly 27-Jan-17 22:00
Re: Enrique Pena Nieto 269 carolb 27-Jan-17 23:22
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Pena Nieto should Shove that wall up Trump's fat ass 315 David L 28-Jan-17 04:04
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"your Utopian Socialist Democratic Party" 206 drrayeye 29-Jan-17 01:18
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