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This puppet has no intention of HELPING the US with the "border problem". It's not just President Trump he did nothing to help Obama or President Bush to take care of the "border problem". Let's face it he a powerless leader of Mexico. He has no control over: the drug cartels, human trafficking, extortion of their oil workers, kidnappings of foreign nationals, the local law enforcers, military and gangs in general. The illegal immigrants from south and central America can pass through his country on into the US, he doesn't give rats behind as long as they don't stay in his country. He won't stop the flow of drugs and kidnapped humans to the US because he scared SH&%$#&tless of the drug lords. It's 702 miles to the border crossing at Laredo Texas from Mexico City, so out of sight out of mind. Worst of all he has no RESPECT for the sovereignty of The United States of America. The bulk of the illegals getting into the US are Mexican citizens. Don't ever expect HELP from this putz. Mexico's economy is on shaky ground 24/7 so adding a 20% tax on all exported Mexican made goods is a start to pay for wall, yes the goods will cost you more so DON'T BUY them. Fruits and veggies are the biggy's buy what's in season from US producers. Italian food is super good. The only illegals allowed into Canada clean Trudeau's toilets. So don't expect any help from Justin Trudeau.
A lot of pressure can be applied to the Mexican government by closing the border crossings into the US down to one traffic lane. (Remember the New Jersey bridge crossing) Just my opinion.

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