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Kristina, the reason I ask about your work related e-mail account through your employer. IF, you work in an office you have an e-mail account for your use (it's common practice) to conduct work related business. I am quite sure you have a private e-mail account as well for your personal use(that you pay for)that is not work related. So do you conduct your company business with your personal e-mail or texting on your cell phone? If not why would you think the WH staff would, not all people in Washington are crooks.

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WH staff has private email accounts 488 Aine 26-Jan-17 17:55
Re: WH staff has private email accounts 125 Nolondil 26-Jan-17 18:12
.... WH staff HAD private email accounts 126 Buck 45 26-Jan-17 20:19
Re: .... WH staff HAD private email accounts 128 OCaptain 26-Jan-17 20:49
the sadness continues 149 Buck 45 26-Jan-17 21:05
Re: the sadness continues 117 OCaptain 26-Jan-17 21:12
Re: the sadness continues 172 randompHactor 26-Jan-17 21:32
Nope, just thought one poor response deserved another 120 Buck 45 26-Jan-17 22:12
Re: the sadness continues 143 eli stills 26-Jan-17 21:17
Wooooooowwwww.... it's called, welcome to the tech-age, eli 136 Buck 45 26-Jan-17 22:22
Re: WH staff has private email accounts 137 ldennyjr 28-Jan-17 03:30
Re: WH staff has private email accounts 204 ldennyjr 28-Jan-17 15:58

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