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Aine posted:

"Did you not read what I wrote?"


"These clowns can protest--peacefully.
That's within their rights. But once you
start waving guns around, it's no longer peaceful.
Peaceful would have been a sit in or some such."

Who is waving guns around?

You posted:

"Which is UTTERLY irrelevant.
They are armed and openly threatening
law enforcement officers WHILE ILLEGALLY OCCUPYING
A FEDERAL BUILDING. I can't believe I even have to explain
this to you."

I have not seen anyone
threaten law enforcement, but
I have not been watching the news today.

When I was watching it yesterday,
there was no law enforcement on the scene.

You posted:

"Let me lay it out for you. People
like these nuts are dangerous.
Anarchy is not a good thing--but if you
think they're in the right, Have Gun Will Travel,
why don't you go and join them?"

I simply think they are
protesting. Possibly with good reason.

Anarchy? Join them?

You posted:

"I also don't take very kindly
to their sympathizers calling for my
death simply because I am a federal employee.
So yeah, I want them taken out before they get me."

I have seen no one call for your
death. At least you admit you want them killed.

From your first post on this thread.

"They're terrorists. Everyone but the media gets that.

I hope the FBI takes them out."

Before the facts were or are in, you wanted them killed.

You posted:

"Is that plain enough for you?
They have no right to threaten me or
anyone else who is employed by ANY government
agency, be it federal, state or local or law enforcement
at any level. That is terrorism."

You haven't been threatened by them.
You are simply being overly dramatic to
make a point that has no basis in reality.

You posted:

"I am using reason and logic and the
rule of law. It's not my fault if you don't
want to hear it."

I disagree.

I posted:

"But for some reason, and
maybe I am simply reading this
incorrectly, you seem to be almost
hysterical in your rants concerning the
events in Oregon."

Your response:

"Because I am sick of these
types of people. They're insane
and they're just as dangerous as ISIS."

You are entitled to your opinion,
but so far, they haven't attacked anyone,
cut off anyone's head live on television, murdered
Christians, Shia, Yazidis, and anyone else who doesn't
conform to their religious ideology. So, no. Another hysterical rant.

You posted:

"At least be honest with yourself:
if they were not white rednecks--if they
were black, Latino or Arab Muslim--they'd be
dead already and you'd be questioning what took
the G men so long to get them."

No, Aine, I am not a racist. That is simply
your projection onto people who disagree with you,
in an effort to dehumanize them, and make you seem "almost" reasonable.

You posted:

"And in other news, Tamir Rice is still dead."

Yes, shot to death by police.
The same police you would have go
in and kill the protestors in Oregon.

But that is irrelevant.
You are simply posting hysterically.

You posted:

"They are not protesters.
They are terrorists and should
be dealt with as such. They believe the federal
government is illegitimate and is not allowed to own
land even though that land is held by the American people.
They will never attempt to settle their issues legally in court
because, of course, the courts have no authority either because the
United States of America doesn't exist. In their fantasy world, taking land,
rights and property by any means necessary, including armed sedition, is acceptable.
It's also okay to threaten police and law enforcement who are attempting to do just that: enforce the law".

Aine, you are simply misinformed.
No one is threatening police. No one is
trying to take over the government. No one is
trying to kill you. No one is saying The United States
of America doesn't exist. What they are protesting is what
they consider to be an over reach of their federal government.

You posted:

"This is what right wing hysteria does to people."

I wouldn't know. On this thread
the only hysteria I see is coming from the left.

"What do you do with them?"

Tell them they have to leave, not kill them.

All the best,

Brian #3

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