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Ratcho Wrote:
> []
> uson&biw=1920&bih=975&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&s
> a=X&sqi=2&ved=0ahUKEwik1ary8JLKAhVCy2MKHR7tA6QQ7Ak
> A productive white ranching family - obviously
> harrassed by the Bureau of Land Mgmt - has two of
> their family members sentenced twice (case of
> double jeopardy if there ever was one) for the
> 'crime' of setting some grassland on fire, and
> some white men show up with guns because it's the
> last straw in their view...a stand needs to be
> taken sort of idea. 5 years for a grass fire? The
> BLM is a crooked/corrupted organization with the
> goal of removing the families from the land.

Five years for a wildfire. Big difference. That being that part of the world, you know how prone it is to fires to begin with, right?

Obviously the Hammonds didn't feel a stand needed to be taken. They reported to prison yesterday as scheduled and have issued a statement that the Bundys don't speak for them.

BLM isn't trying to remove families--they're trying to stop illegal grazing and use of water. The Bundys own their own land--why don't they use THAT instead? That's what they bought it for, right? But oh no, their own land isn't good enough. They're welfare queens who want something for nothing--in this case free use of public land. But let's say they ARE living on federal land. That makes them squatters and it's still illegal.


> So these armed white guys show up- granted the
> Hammond's say they aren't looking for this help
> (after being threatened by the Prosecutor)

They were not threatened by the prosecutor.

- and
> occupy an empty building owned by the Fed's. No
> one is hurt or threatened and what is the call
> from the leftards??? Kill em all! Just like the
> reaction to the middle east...'turn it into glass'
> one female poster here exclaimed. Bloodthirsty
> leftists? Where was this attitude when it was
> armed Black Panthers arriving to the scene of a
> riot where the person who started it all was a
> thug?

Yeah, and what happened there?

Your double standard here is laughable. If it's a riot in Baltimore and someone threatens the police, you're all for "shoot 'em!" When it's a bunch of white guys, it's okay. They're "taking a stand".

Give me a ****** break.

You'd be a little more credible if you knew the difference between "their" and "they're" in your subtitle. But don't let that stop a good rant.

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