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I want to discuss a very interesting topic with an international audience. I was born and I living in Budapest, the capital of Hungary. And we have stories about a lost ancient city right next to Bp. The national institutes denying it, and mocking anybody, who tries to research the topic. But a lot of historical mention exists about this city.

For example this map from 1769.

It mention Sicambria, a little north from Buda. Or this map from 1726, what mention it as "Buda vetus" what means old Buda.

And this is a key point, because the myths are these: Atilla hun king made a new capital city at the remnants of Sicambria (what is way more ancient than that age) , and it called Etzilburg (~Atilla town) in the german sources, but hungarians called it Buda, after the regent Buda, who ruled the city and the realm while Atilla leads conquests.

And the old, original City center was not on the current place, but a little north. The area officialy called nowadays Óbuda (Old Buda), but the scientific world is in totally disbelieve and ignorance.

A few men - like me - even know the exact location of the old city Sicambria. but we cannot make this a public cause, becasue nobody listening.

I can tell you a lot more if you interested, and I have a question too. Did any of you ever heard about this topic?

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