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rulebook54 Wrote:
> In Love’s Labours Lost, Act V Scene 1, there is
> a 27 letter long
> word—honorificabilitudinitatibus. It is entirely
> the design of Francis Bacon, with construction as
> follows—honor |f| bac |L|tud|n|tat|sub.
> If you look carefully you will see that the the
> message is as follows—honor Francis Bacon
> legitimate Tudor and substituted.
> He is trying to tell us that he is the eldest son
> of Elizabeth I, his father being Robert Dudley,
> Earl of Leicester.
> He did it in twenty-seven letters because 3 to the
> power of 3. Bacon was deeply into ciphers and
> signed himself as “33”. It is the alphabetic
> value of “BACON”, according to the alphabet of
> his time, of 24 letters.

The love lives of these Tudors was ridiculous. The "Tudor prince" theories are numerous and very interesting.
I have also seen a lot of evidence put forth that suggests Bacon was the son of Elizabeth and Leicester. Arthur Dudley and Robert Devereaux may also be bastards of this union.
There are also the suggestions that Edward De Vere (Oxford) and/or Henry Wriothesley (Southampton) are also born of the Queen.

I favor the Bacon and Southampton claims, but I'm far from convinced of anything when it comes to this lot.

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