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. . . “To be, or not to be, that is the question.”. . Who would have thought that that question would be put to whether the “Bard of Avon” was ever present during Elizabethan England. . . Some say a clever expression, too, as well as many times repeated. . . Some folks have suggested that it might have pertained to being Catholic, or to being Protestant, or to reform, or to counter the reformation. . . In any case, it was an apt question during that dangerous time frame to be saying anything against the Church or in favor of parting from the Church or, for that matter, anything against the House of Tudor. . . As some folks know, England was never the same after King Henry VIII had his way. . . For centuries to follow England has been a world class influence on nearly all continents while acquiring another phrase, at least for a time, (to paraphrase) “. . . The English Empire, the empire where the Sun never sets. . .” or something similar. . .

. . . One can be somewhat sure, by many historian accounts, that that period of English history, the reign of the House of Tudor, was a very riled time of change. . . Exploration, ruling the seas, confrontations with Spain, and the very significant conflict with the Catholic Church were just a few things going on. . . Building a Navy and military to ward off threats from the mainland was a priority. . . One can note something of those trials and tribulations, of the conflicts and emotions of the people going through changes, in the purported writings of Shakespeare. . .

. . . Indeed, an interesting question. . . One must admit that trying to understand much of what was purportedly written by Shakespeare is to know something about those changing times of the Tudor’s and of the people the monarchy was responsible. . . It’s one heck-of-an ongoing history lesson as more history is learned of those times. . . One has never found it easy, but can find a lot of history about the daily situations and lives of the people of Elizabethan England through the Bard’s many writing’s. . . One almost seems to have to leave the present day and travel back to those historic dates to understand something of it and the people who lived during it. . .

. . . Then again, with some of the doubts some scholars have raised about there ever being a Bard of Avon, it might just be that the idea of this now famous Bard, a playwright character of stage, has done more to spur on the pursuit of literature and understanding of the people of those times than if a birth certificate, or trinket, or something, is ever found. . . “All the world’s a stage,” came from him, too. . . Much information then was passed along through rhyme, song, and word of mouth and not initially written down, yet accurately remembered later on and when tensions eased, written down by those folks who acquired penmanship skills and reading. . . Those timeline documentaries sound interesting for when time permits. . . Thanks for the links. . . Enjoy your pursuits

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