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Hi Eddie,

No, I don't believe it was one person. The vast knowledge, lexicon, volume, range and complexity all lead me to think this was a large collaboration and decades of work.

I've been exploring this subject periodically over the last year. Many well though out arguments and theories by dedicated researchers. The most compelling to me is the work done by Petter Amundsen. Three part BBC Timeline documentary on youtube lays out his findings part 1

His theory is based on codes he claims to have found in the first folio. They seam forced, illogical and even preposterous at first. Personally I was extremely skeptical. It all felt illogical and far fetched. I'm glad I kept watching. If you can make it to part 3 you will find that there are too many coincidences for there not to be some truth behind this. If anyone does watch these three docs and still doubts it I'd love to hear why. I'm happy to listen and explore other theories.

After going through the series I got my hands on one of Petter Amundsens books. It goes through his discoveries step by step as he followed the clues in much much greater detail than the documentary. I must say that the book was poorly layed out and edited but it was worth going through.

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