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Dismantling Giza’s Pyramids

”We all love tales of the ancient Egyptian past — mummies, tombs, and pharaohs. Perhaps now more than ever, we love tales of threats to the ancient past and how those threats are averted. Scholars love those tales, too. One such story that scholars love to keep telling is how Muhammad Ali — Muhammad Ali Pasha, ruler of Egypt in the early 19th century, that is — nearly destroyed the Pyramids.

It’s Egypt in the 1830s: Muhammad Ali has spent years trying to industrialize and modernize his country. He has recently approved a plan, put forward by his European engineers, to build a barrage (the French name), a dam across the Nile Delta to aid irrigation for farming. Concerned about obtaining construction material, Muhammad Ali realizes there is an abundant source of already quarried and worked stone — the Pyramids of Giza. Muhammad Ali’s proposal, in short, is to demolish the Pyramids.

One of Muhammad Ali’s leading engineers, the French-born Louis Marie Adolphe Linant de Bellefonds, is shocked by the proposal and devises a plan to save the Pyramids…

The Frenchman who saved the Pyramids makes a great tale. But what’s the truth behind it?”

The Colonialist Myth of the Frenchman Who “Saved” the PyramidsMichael Press

Qu'est-ce que vérité?

Dr. Troglodyte

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