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While the post is of itself interesting in that it suggests a hitherto undiscovered source for Shakespeare's inspiration, I think that what ought to be borne in mind is that Shakespeare was a dramatist and simply adapted existing material, whether that be in the form of historical accounts (such as Holinshed's Chronicles, which he evidently regularly dipped into for inspiration for his 'history' plays) or, as is the case with the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, he adapted an existing work - Brooke's poem, overwrought and tedious - recognising in the narrative an idea that would translate well on stage, compressing the lengthy courtship described in the poem to a mere 5 days, accelerating the pace and heightening the tension which is perfectly suited to the "two hours traffic" of the performance on stage.

Evidently, plagiarism of this nature - as long as the original work was improved upon in some way - was considered a form of flattery in Elizabethan and then Jacobean England.

Fast forward to 1843 when Dickens published A Christmas Carol. Within weeks of its publication, it was being performed in no less than seven London theatres and Dickens received no royalties. Again, the dramatists who adapted his work for theatrical performance were simply acknowledging the appeal of the original work itself.

(Source: [www.kent.ac.uk] )

Eddie's remarks concerning ascription of authorship of the body of work to one William Shakespeare being arguably misplaced is for another thread.

Matt :)

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