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. . . Very interesting. . . Plagiarism software, as an additional tool for cheaters today, would certainly have been useful a decade or two or more ago for last minute paper writers. I’ve long had my doubts about how some folks [actually] received PhD’s upon which they assume license to dictate knowledge flow. Some concerns over who gets the patents and profits could easily have been properly vetted, too.

The software, unfortunately, does not account for much of the news of those early days the minstrels passed along centuries ago that mattered to the people who didn’t have scholarly access let alone tutelage the wealthy enjoyed. The minstrels helped to reduce something of the brutish lives people barely endured with song and rhyme of which contained news of the monarchs and anything else they could remember, put to song, and take along.

It’s hypothesized that language got around with similar processes – through rhyme and song before symbols of reading and writing caught on in earnest. When one considers how some of the teachings of the ABC’s, One-Two-Three’s, and Do, Re, Mi’s in kindergartens are often in rhyme and song it’s not too much of a stretch to apply something of similar means to early scholars who knew how to write and reuse familiar narrations they recognized. . . Thanks for the link


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